Trill Comedy Festival Performers & Station Theater Students/Alumni
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Eventbrite - 2016 Trill Comedy Festival - WORKSHOPS

Workshop Descriptions

John Thibodeaux – 3PEAT
Sometimes performers have a tough time finding a character and inspiration to keep a scene going once in character. This workshop is designed to overcome that and provide tools to find more going forward.

John is a staff writer on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Before landing that gig, he toured with The Second City and performed with Improvised Shakespeare in Chicago. He likes dogs so much he has refused to subject one to his imperfect parenting.

Sean Cooley, Derek Cox, Collin Dahlgren – DENVER
Don’t let your characters turn into caricatures! In this workshop, you’ll learn to play with patience and create grounded characters that will help you make discoveries within the scene. You’ll find the absurdities in truth rather than creating an absurd idea. The workshop also covers using specific object and environmental work to flesh out the world for your audience.  Learn how to build the kind of scenes that make an audience listen as you find the heart of the scene together.

derek-cDEREK COX
Derek has been improvising since 2007. Starting with four years of short form, Derek fell in love with long form improvisation when he moved to Chicago in 2011 and has been taking classes and performing at iO Chicago since 2012. When not on stage, Derek is a Director of Photography at his company Polymyth Productions where he films commercials, movies, music videos, and more. Derek can be seen just about every week at iO Chicago with his team Denver or at home on his couch watching TV.

Collin has been improvising since 2009. Moving to Chicago in 2011 from Fort Worth TX, Collin has performed with The Second City House Ensemble, i.O. Harold Team “Denver”, The Playground House Team “Ghost Car”, and CIC House Team “Macy Ledbetter”. Collin is also a graphic/web designer and has designed several posters for the Chicago Improv and Theater Community. Collin also loves sushi and dogs, but not at the same time.

Sean Cooley is a writer, actor and comedian based in Chicago. His work has been featured on The Onion, Clickhole, Funny or Die, Huffington Post, and Thrillist. His solo work includes standup at Zanies, solo sketch at The Playground’s Give Me 5 and storytelling at The Moth Grandslam. He is the Head Writer for the iO Comedy Network and performs with the Harold team Denver.

Patrick Rowland – 3PEAT
This class that teaches folks how to play for quicker pacing, just like the team 3Peat in Chicago. How tight can you be as an ensemble? If you trust each other enough and have the energy to play hard, you can guarantee you are able to both come together and sustain a fast, high energy show.

patrick-rowlandPATRICK ROWLAND
Patrick is an actor, improviser, and writer who lives in Chicago. He is a contributing writer for The Second City Network and has performed all around Chicago. Patrick has appeared in the Chicago Improv Festival, Chicago Sketchfest, Del Close Marathon, LA Improv Festival and the Dirty South Improv festival. His solo sketch work was featured in the 2013 TBS Just For Laughs Festival. Patrick also performs in festivals around the country with independent team 3Peat.

Breanna Cecile & Jeff Gyllen – SQUASH BANANA
Get more comfortable doing long scenes through emotion and connection with your scene partners. Jeff Gyllen and Breanna Cecile work to find the reality and meaning in scenes when they perform as Squash Banana. In this workshop they will teach you some of the techniques they use to create believable relationships and emotional investment in longer scenes. If you have ever wanted to give a monoscene a try, this workshop is for you. If you enjoy an audience leaning in with rapt attention as much as when they are laughing, this workshop is for you. If you just want to dig in to see more meaning in the offers you give and receive in a scene, this workshop is for you.

Breanna Cecile has been performing improv at various stages throughout the Twin Cities since 2014. Trained at HUGE Improv Theater and Brave New Workshop, both in Minneapolis, MN, she is one half of the duo Squash Banana with Jeff Gyllen which has appeared at improv festivals across the country. She also has been a part of shows such as Manners & Misconduct: an Improvised Jane Austen, Neutrino Video Project, Mighty Morphin Improv Rangers, and can be seen in the upcoming Throwback Night in January and February at HUGE Theater. When not doing improv, she can often be found managing the daily workings of her beloved theater, teaching whoever will listen, or snuggling with cats.

Jeff Gyllen has been studying and performing improv in Minneapolis since 2012. He has received training at the Brave New Workshop, Huge Theater, and Comedy Sportz Twin Cities, and performs regularly at Huge Theater. He’s most recently been seen performing with Hall of Presidents, The Painters, Squash Banana, Neutrino Video Project, and Rated G the improvised family-friendly musical.

Nnamdi Ngwe – 3PEAT
Improv is best when people operate as a team. We will focus on opportunities often missed that can transform a good piece into a kick ass piece.

nnamdi-ngweNNAMDI NGWE
Nnamdi Ngwe is a actor and comedian based in Chicago, IL. After performing and teaching in Colorado, Nnamdi moved to Chicago to do the same. He’s a proud member of the improv group 3Peat and can be seen performing and teaching at the iO Theater and The Second City along with others.  In addition to his work with the Ngwebros, Nnamdi has also worked on numerous commercials, shorts and features.

Eventbrite - 2016 Trill Comedy Festival - WORKSHOPS