Thursday, October 3

7:00 PM

  • Karthik Lavangu – New York, NY (Stand Up Comedy)
  • Subvert Your Yurt – Houston, TX (Long Form Improv)
  • Pure Inanimation – Houston, TX (Long Form Improv)
  • Buckshot – Houston, TX (Long Form Improv)

8:30 PM

  • Discord & Rhyme – Houston, TX (Musical Improv)
  • Casey Stewart – Austin, TX (Stand Up Comedy)
  • The Good Enoughs – Houston, TX (Sketch Comedy)
  • 2H Club – Houston, TX (Long Form Improv)

No 10pm Show on Thursday

About the Performers

Karthik Lavangu
Stand Up Comedy; New York, NY
Karthik Lavangu is an Indian born stand-up comedian who started doing stand-up comedy in the Bay Area and now lives in New York. He relies on his life experiences, history, current events, logic and reason as sources for his material – making his comedy layered, humorous, insightful and at times dark(ish), but never gross! He has performed at the Burbank Comedy Festival in 2018 and he has been selected for a residency at The Broadway Comedy Club and Greenwich Village Comedy Club in NYC in September and October of this year!

Subvert Your Yurt
Long Form Improv; Station Theater – Houston, TX
Several months of strict diets, intense physical training, and experimental therapy have prepared us to execute unfettered improvisational levity. Prepare to commence laughter without a planned end to aforementioned laughter. Cast: Stephanie Suarez, Dustin Blanton, Jamie Gibbons, Sean Penalber, Tony Griffin, Karina Brisack, Magdalena Hill

Pure Inanimation
Long Form Improv; Station Theater – Houston, TX
Pure Inanimation brings the world of inanimate objects to life in a fun and exciting improv show! Cast: Lisa Beckman, Meredith Faber, Carolyn Wallace, Jamie West, Sarah Willett

Long Form Improv; Station Theater – Houston, TX
Five improvisers create one hell of a story from the top of their little heads. BANG!! Woah, what was that? That’s Buckshot. Cast: John Mayo, Antoine W.B., Monica Marcha, Jessica Thompson Falla, Keith Huang

Discord & Rhyme
Musical Improv; Station Theater – Houston, TX
So many stories can be found within the walls of a building. A grocery store. A skating rink. A 36-floor skyscraper. Discord & Rhyme take a suggestion of a location and explores the many characters and relationships you might find within – as an improvised musical. Cast: Daniel Williams, Jesse Garson, Jessica Brown

Casey Stewart
Stand Up Comedy; Hideout Theater – Austin, TX
Casey is a comic from Austin, TX, who mixes his love of anime, with stories of social commentary and sports references. Leaving audiences wondering does he have any friends. He recently advanced to the 2018 Funniest person In Austin semi-finals.

The Good Enoughs
Sketch Comedy; Station Theater – Houston, TX
Paul & Paul (or Paul & Paul if you want it alphabetically) bring silly characters and crazy situations to life with a perspective that is uniquely theirs. Brace yourself for an absurd ride and bring your laughs. Cast: Paul Shinneman, Paul Gallegos

2H Club
Long Form Improv; Station Theater – Houston, TX
The 2H Club has a diverse cast with a vast variety of interests and playing styles, which means you won’t know what to expect each time from this epic group. Cast: Monica Marcha, Roger Anderson, Antoine W.B., Amechi Ngwe, Calan Lambert, Ken Andrews

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