Thursday, October 3

7:00 PM

  • Feldma– Long Form Improv
  • Ophelia’s Rope – Long Form Improv
  • Pure Inamimation – Long Form Improv
  • Baby Knuckle – Long Form Improv

8:30 PM

  • Corner Office – Long Form Improv
  • Powder Keg – Sketch Comedy
  • The 80s Kids – Sketch Comedy

Eventbrite - 6th Annual Trill Comedy Festival

About the Performers

Feldman – Houston, TX
Long Form Improv
Feldman is two dudes who once dreamed of playing baseball in the majors, and now dream of making each other laugh! They use long form improv to deliver a show that is full of completely controlled chaos. Buckle Up! Cast: Neil DuRoss, Cole Triplett

Ophelia’s Rope – Houston, TX
Long Form Improv
Summoning inspiration from an audience-selected number and topic, Ophelia’s Rope sets out on a journey of interpretation, proceeding to morph the answers into a setting, plot, and duo of unexpected, and sometimes quirky, characters. With no story predicted, no ending forecasted, Ophelia’s Rope wanders the worlds of imagination, coloring surprising scenes their audiences inspired. Cast: Autumn Clack, Ruth McCleskey

Pure Inamimation – Houston, TX
Long Form Improv

Pure Inanimation brings the world of inanimate objects to life by giving them a voice and exploring the human characteristics and emotions that can be found in those objections. The performers create a series of scenes that explores the crossover of the object and the human world by building on a series of emotions and characteristics. Cast: Lisa Beckman, Meredith Faber, Carolyn Wallace, Jamie West, Sarah Willett

Baby Knuckle – Houston, TX
Long Form Improv
Together they will form a completely improvised 20-30 minute Harold-esque playground, kicking it off with an organic free form opening and exploring that connected universe with richer than rich characters that you care for and fear, stories you must hear, and laughs your belly craves. Nothing is as pure as a Baby Knuckle. Cast: Ryan Heine, Nate Suurmeyer, Chad Minchew and Kelly Harkins

Corner Office – Houston, TX
Long Form Improv
Let Ryan, Nicole, and Roger show what it feels like to achieve all there is in life – a corner office. Using your audience suggestion, they will set the stage with a group scene, blossoming into connected pathways of scenes and back again, tying them together through power, intimidation, and hard earned entitlement. Button up your business attire and look down on others, because that is how it’s supposed to be. Cast: Ryan Heine, Nicole Nodarse, and Roger Anderson

Powderkeg Productions – Houston, TX
Sketch Comedy
Powderkeg Productions is a fearless, award-winning writing and performance team active on stage and screen. Based in Houston, they have years of experience writing, acting, film-making, stand-up, and improv. You want to know these people. They want to know you. Cast: Conor Farrell, Cassie Randall, and friends

The 80s Kids – Houston, TX
Sketch Comedy
The 80s Kids are a RAD group of performers from Houston’s Station Theater. They have come together over a mutual love of 80s pop culture. Inspired by their shared experiences growing up in the 80s, they have created a totally tubular variety show featuring live music, sketch comedy, and more. Cast: Caryn Fulda, Christopher Fusselman, Hugo Pedraza, Jamie West, Jesse F. Garson, Jessica Brown, Jorge R. Carrillo-Rosa, Katie Jozwicki, Levon Allen, Lisa H. Beckman, Paul Gallegos, Steve Patlan, Teresa Elliott Rocknic

Eventbrite - 6th Annual Trill Comedy Festival

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