Thursday, October 19

Gift Card Giveaway! 

giftcardTrill Comedy Festival is giving away $300 in Houston restaurant gift cards to Uchi and Maggiano’s Little Italy!

  • THURSDAY 7PM – Chance to win $100!
  • SUNDAY 7PM – Chance to win $200!

MEGA COMEDY FANS can TRIPLE their chances of winning!

  • Names from Thursday’s show will automatically be added into Sunday’s drawing.
  • Get an extra entry if you are the holder of a PASS TO THE UNIVERSE OF EVERYTHING or a Sunday Nightly Pass!

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Quick Reference

7:00 PM

  • Feldman (Improv) – Houston, TX
  • Pure Inanimation (Improv) – Houston, TX
  • Old Enough To Know Better (Improv) – Houston, TX
  • The Sleepover Boys (Improv) – Houston, TX

9:00 PM

  • Like-Minded People (Improv) – Houston, TX
  • Butter (Improv) – Austin, TX
  • Meniscus Unit (Improv) – Houston, TX
  • 2H Club (Improv) – Houston, TX

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Detailed Descriptions


7:00 PM

Feldman – Houston, TXfeldman
Format: Improv – Longform
Feldman is two dudes who once dreamed of playing baseball in the majors, and now dream of making each other laugh! They employ the pretty flower form to deliver a show that is full of completely controlled chaos. Buckle Up! Cast: Neil DuRoss, Cole Triplett

pure-inanimationPure Inanimation – Houston, TX
Format: Improv – Longform
Pure Inanimation brings the world of inanimate objects to life by giving them a voice and explores the crossover of that world into human relationships by building on a series of emotions and characteristics. Cast: Lisa Beckman, Meredith Faber, Carolyn Wallace

oetkb Old Enough To Know Better – Houston, TX
Format: Improv – Longform
With more than 400 years of combined life experience, Old Enough to Know Better are the elder statesmen and women of Houston’s improv scene. They share personal stories to inspire their improv. None of them are under the age of 40 and while they may have a few grey hairs, they will never tell you to get off their lawn. Cast: Lynn Johnson, Paul Gallegos, Chuck Stanfield, Mark Bennett, Jessica Brown, Lisa Beckman, Jean Campbell

sleepoverThe Sleepover Boys – Houston, TX
Format: Improv – Longform
This hilarious troupe is just some dudes, on a stage, bringing crazy characters to life, and exploring their worlds. They aim to change the way the audience thinks of the world by going outside of what is normal and entering the goofy, childish, and sometimes dark, depths of their imaginations via improvisation. Also, poop jokes… So many poop jokes. Cast: Tanner Bench, Cole Triplett, Chism Cornelison, Gino Sandoval


9:00 PM

lmp Like-Minded People – Houston, TX
Format: Improv – Longform
Jim and Steven use eye contact and the audience to inspire a world in which to play. These worlds are guaranteed to deliver powerful emotions, deep desires, and wonderful play. Cast: Jim Meyers, Steven M. Saltsman

butterButter – Austin, TX
Format: Improv – Longform (Silent Clowning)
Butter is an improvised physical comedy duo. Through movement, mime, facial expression, and audience interaction, we make the experience fun and smooth. Like Butter. Cast: Sandra Ybarra, Luke Wallens

Mmeniscuseniscus Unit – Houston, TX
Format: Improv – Longform
Meniscus Unit uses the science of the La Ronde and explores the life and relationships of four different and unique characters. Cast: Brian Kondrach, Laura Helmers, Brian Jones, Rachel Spector

2h2H Club – Houston, TX
Format: Improv – Longform
2H Club formed as a house troupe in March of 2015 at Station Theater in Houston, Texas and enjoyed playing with each other so much they decided to keep the fun going. The 2H Club has a diverse cast with a vast variety of interests and playing styles, which means you won’t know what to expect each time from this epic group! Cast: Aaron Garrett, Alison Coriell, Amechi Ngwe, Angela Mayans Lee, Antoine W.B., Calan Lambert, Kenneth Andrews, Monica Marcha

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