Sunday, October 22

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giftcardTrill Comedy Festival is giving away $300 in Houston restaurant gift cards to Uchi and Maggiano’s Little Italy!

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  • SUNDAY 7PM – Chance to win $200!

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Quick Reference

7:00 PM

  • The Adventures of Lenny and Al (Improv) – Houston, TX
  • Let’s Eat (Improv) – Houston Texas
  • Ophelia’s Rope (Improv) – Houston, TX
  • Be Kind to Strangers (Sketch) – Houston, TX

9:00 PM

    • Son Tran (Stand-Up) – Houston, TX
    • Andrew Youngblood (Stand-Up) – Houston TX
    • Zaeli Kane (Stand-Up) – Austin, TX
    • The Stacks (Podcast) – Houston, TX

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Detailed Descriptions

7:00 PM

bktsBe Kind to Strangers – Houston, TX
Format: Sketch Comedy
Be Kind to Strangers is a long-standing Houston sketch comedy group. When they take to the page, the world is their clam. They spit in the face of the mundane by looking in the mirror and spitting. Cast: Aaron Garrett, Dennis Budde, Liz Castillo, Buddy Brown

lenny-alThe Adventures of Lenny and Al – Houston, TX
Format: Improv – Longform
The Adventures of Lenny and Al provides a glimpse into the world of wide-eyed Lenny and Al, his flimflamming protector. Relying on limited wits and resourcefulness, they’ll chart a course through a sea of troubles, arriving on the other side none-the-worse, but none-the-wiser.  Cast: Brian Jones, Chuck Stanfield

lets-eatLet’s Eat – Houston, TX
Format: Improv – Longform
Let’s Eat explores one of the closest and weirdest parts of a family relationship: the family meal. Get a glimpse behind the curtain as they explore what it really means to be a family. Cast: Laura Helmers, Amechi Ngwe, Jessica Thompson Falla, Antoine W.B.

or Ophelia’s Rope – Houston, TX
Format: Improv – Longform
Ophelia’s Rope is a two-person Longform improv group that takes its inspiration from you. That’s right, you. A typical show is kicked off by Ophelia’s Rope asking its audience one or two random questions, proceeding to morph the answers into a setting, plot, and duo of unexpected, and sometimes quirky, characters. With no story predicted, no ending forecasted, Ophelia’s Rope wanders the worlds of imagination, coloring surprising scenes their audiences inspired. Cast: Autumn Clack, Ruth McCleskey


9:00 PM

son-tran Son Tran – Houston, TX
Format: Standup
Son Tran was a finalist in the Showdown at the Showcase as well as Kollaboration Houston and the Funniest in South Texas contests. His comedy has been described as ‘deadly silly’, well, at least that’s how he describes it. He has immature yet philosophical insights on family, marriage and life in general that have made audiences laugh in clubs and festivals across the US and Canada. His wife does not approve of most of his jokes about her.

andrewAndrew Youngblood – Houston TX
Format: Standup
Originally a concert promoter, Andrew Youngblood started in comedy by booking acts in Houston. Shortly after, he found his own voice on stage and began performing all over. He is the founder The Come and Take It Comedy Takeover Festival. He has been featured on other festivals around the country including Fun Fun Fun Fest, Hell Yes Fest, Denton Comedy Festival and more! He has traveled the country working with acts such as Doug Benson, TJ Miller , Brooks Wheelan , The Sklar Brothers, and more.

zaeliZaeli Kane – Austin, TX
Format: Standup
In 1995 Zaeli was a nice Mormon girl growing up in Vermont, filling notebook after notebook with theories and observations. Fast forward to now and everything has changed except her compulsive dissection of each waking moment. Zaeli now lives in Austin with her two (yes two, why not!) husbands, a female toddler (i.e. “daughter”), and the ghost of her career in literary scholarship.

stacksThe Stacks – Houston, TX
Format: Podcast
The Stacks is a Houston-based live show/podcast hosted by comics Josh Brokaw, Ruth Hirsch, and Ned Gayle. Each week they bring a guest from the Houston arts community and beyond to discuss their life, craft, old musicals, cooking, Lip Smackers misuse, baseball fights, romance, serial killers, BDSM, insecurities, and whatever else may be on their mind. For the past year the show has thrived with the help of Lonestar 12-packs and a fantastic, dedicated audience. Watch these nice people to talk to other nice people every Sunday at 8pm at The Waughford or check them out on your favorite podcast platform. Cast: Ruth Hirsch, Josh Brokaw, Ned Gayle

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