Sunday, October 6

5:00 PM

  • The ’80s Kids – Houston, TX (Sketch Comedy)
  • Mary Berry’s Merry Berry – Houston, TX (Long Form Improv)
  • Something New – Houston, TX (Long Form Improv)
  • Baby Knuckle – Houston, TX (Long Form Improv)

6:30 PM

  • The Astro (Competitive Improv Games)
  • Sunday Supernova featuring Special Guest Ernie Manouse (Long Form Improv)

About the Performers

The ’80s Kids
Sketch Comedy; Station Theater – Houston, TX
The 80s Kids are a rad group of performers from Houston, Texas who came together over a mutual love of ’80s pop culture because they LIVED it, man! Their irreverent sketches are perfect for the ‘ 80s – and for today! Cast: Jessica Brown, Jesse Garson, Paul Gallegos, Caryn Fulda, Astrid Lange, Christopher Fusselman, Daniel Williams, Hugo Pedraza, Jamie West, Jorge R. Carrillo-Rosa, Katie Morgan, Steve Patlan, Teresa Elliott Rocknic, Serina Dennis

Something New
Long Form Improv; Station Theater – Houston, TX
Ever wanted to slap someone when they’re not doing what you want them to? Us too! Something New is a long-form improv comedy troupe where everything is made up on the spot, but anyone in the group, at any time, can jump onstage and “slap” a performer and demand a change in the scene or performance, no questions asked. Hilarity ensues. Cast: Conor Farrell, Cassie Randall, David Toscano, Sarah Willett, Nicole Nodarse, Dustin Blanton, Nick Brownrigg

Mary Berry’s Merry Berry
Long Form Improv; Station Theater – Houston, TX
These ladies don’t know who they are, but they know why they’re here. See how worlds and relationships collide with this crazy cast of characters. Cast: Evy Brown, Erica Escalante, Meredith Faber, Jessica Thompson Falla, Steph Suarez, Tamara Warton

Baby Knuckle
Long Form Improv; Station Theater – Houston, TX
Together they will form a completely improvised 20-30 minute Harold-esque playground, beginning with an organic free form opening and exploring that connected universe with richer than rich characters that you care for and fear, stories you must hear, and laughs your belly craves. Nothing is as pure as a Baby Knuckle. Cast: Ryan Heine, Kelly Harkins, Keith Huang, Antoine W.B.

The Astro
Long Form Improv; Station Theater – Houston, TX
Long has been the tradition of improv festivals around to world to host a Maestro – an improv competition where performers battle it out to determine an arbitrary winner. Trill is no average improv festival, however, so we’re doing our own version with a little Houston flair. Introducing: The Astro. Come join us as the city’s top improvisers go head to head in a series of improv games in order to determine who will be crowned the most arbitrary of them all.

Supernova featuring Ernie Manouse
Long Form Improv; Station Theater – Houston, TX
Come out to Station Theater (Houston’s home for longform improv) to see The Supernova, Houston’s longest-running longform improv comedy show. Every week our signature house team talks to notable Houston personalities and transforms what they learn into never before-seen improv comedy that you won’t forget. This special Trill Comedy Festival edition features an interview with and stories from special guest Ernie Manouse!

Ernie Manouse
Ernie Manouse is a eleven-time Emmy Award winning TV anchor, producer, and host, known for the Houston Public Media produced series: InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse (which ran for 15 seasons on PBS stations across the country); the arts magazine show Arts InSight; and the nationally-syndicated, top- rated Downton Abbey-inspired talk show, Manor of Speaking. Ernie began his career in radio and has worked primarily in television for the last 22 years. With the re-launch and re-branding of Channel 8 as part of Houston Public Media, he can now be heard and seen on radio, TV, and the internet. Manouse’s current projects include hosting and producing Houston Public Media’s web and television initiative This Is Houston, and the performing arts Podcast Unwrap Your Candies Now with Catherine Lu. Additionally, Manouse tours the country interviewing Al Pacino in the stage show PACINO: One Night Only; is co-host to finance expert Suze Orman on her bi-annual PBS specials; and holds the title of “Ultimate Interviewer” from the Houston Chronicle.

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