Saturday, October 5

7:00 PM

  • Mamamouchi – Long Form Improv
  • Discharged – Long Form Improv
  • Murder Clown – Long Form Improv
  • Can’t Tell Us Nothing – Long Form Improv

8:30 PM

  • The Prowl – Long Form Improv
  • Virgina’s Harem – Sketch Comedy
  • Improv! The Musical – Musical Improv

10:00 PM

  • Krystal Moore – Stand Up Comedy
  • The Toast – Long Form Improv
  • Trek Wars – Long Form Improv

Eventbrite - 6th Annual Trill Comedy Festival

About the Performers

Mamamouchi – Houston, TX
Long Form Improv
Mamamouchi comes to play! They formed during a hot and heavy night of Balderdash and plan to play that way on stage. Saddle up! Cast: Neil DuRoss, Cole Triplett, Keith Huang, John Doan, Holly Kuchera, Rachel Spector, and Brittany Kraft

Discharged – Houston, TX
Long Form Improv
After performing together since 2013, it’s safe to say these four have “seen some things.” In Discharged, these four poke their heads out of the filthy trenches to bravely charge into battle – armed only with a keen sense of character, a form based on The Slacker and real guns. **Because Texas. Also, just kidding about the guns. Cast: Angela Lee, Jessica Thompson Falla, Monica Marcha, Ruth Hirsch

Murder Clown – Minneapolis, MN
Long Form Improv
Murderclown is the duo no one was ready for. Butch Roy and Erin Kennedy take the audience on a journey that quickly moves from between harmless to haunting, all while exploring how innocent and whimsical questions have the potential to become our greatest fear. Cast: Butch Roy, Erin Kennedy

Can’t Tell Us Nothing – Houston, TX
Long Form Improv
Can’t Tell Us Nothing has opinions and you’re gonna hear them! Follow our characters down rabbit holes in our fast-paced improv shows. Our genius can’t be defined or contained. And just when you think you’ve seen our best…Hold Up!….We’ll create something even better. Cast: Tandiwe Kone, Jon Myles, Amechi Ngwe, Antoine W.B.

The Prowl – Houston, TX
Long Form Improv
No one escapes The Prowl… Watch out for this troupe of 5 that performs a brand new comedy show right before your very eyes… Cast: Keith Huang, Cole Triplett, Roger Anderson, Rachel Spector, Jon Myles

Virgina’s Harem – New Orleans, LA
Sketch Comedy
Virginia’s Harem is a powerhouse sketch comedy girl gang out of New Orleans. They have performed at SF Sketchfest and the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston, and their videos have been featured on the Funny or Die homepage and on Cast: Alicia Hawkes, Kirsten Macaulay, and Maggie Ritchie

Improv! The Musical – Houston, TX
Musical Improv
Houston’s only fully improvised musical! Everything is made up on the spot! The plot, the music, and the choreography are all inspired by the name of the musical – which is provided by you! Cast: Emily Clay, Benji Cooksey, Kelly Harkins, Chad Minchew, Samir Mojaddedi

Krystal Moore – Boise, ID
Stand Up Comedy
Krystal is a sexually charged imp who’s true stories will literally change your life, save your soul from eternal damnation, make you a millionaire, or at the very least heal your inner wounds with the salty antiseptic of humor. She produces The Jack Mormon Comedy Hour & Doctor Who Velocity.

The Toast – Ann Arbor, MI
Long Form Improv
Raise a glass to friends, family, even enemies, with the Toast! This troupe uses a slightly interactive form to celebrate people, create interesting relationships, and play fun games on stage. You’ll enjoy getting to know what gets celebrated and remarked on, and you’ll laugh while you do it! Cast: Heidi Sherick, Ainsley Elder, Tony DeRosa, Michael Baker, Mike Dobmeier, Ramon Martinez, Michelle Weiss, Kate Rye

Trek Wars – Houston, TX
Long Form Improv
Trek Wars follows the adventures of the Starship Arugula as its crew struggles to return home. In their voyage they use science fiction tropes to survive encounters with Aliens, robots, sentient starship eating planets, and even each other. Through it all they learn that what they needed was in their hearts all along, and if not, hopefully it was in a nearby person’s heart. Cast: Roger Anderson, Jessica Brown, Jesse Garson, Chuck Stanfield, Ryan Terry, Brenda Valdivia, Carolyn Wallace


Eventbrite - 6th Annual Trill Comedy Festival

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