Off Book: The Improvised Musical

with Zach Reino and Jessica McKenna
Los Angeles, CA

Zach Reino and Jessica McKenna are better known as the musical sketch duo The Zach and The Jess. They’ve written musical sketches for Party Over Here, Buzzfeed, FunnyOrDie, Nickelodeon, and they created and starred in “Serious Music,” a digital series for ABC. Their weekly improvised musical podcast called, “Off Book” on Earwolf has been praised by various online publications including Indie Wire, USA Today, Parade, AV Club and Splitsider. Between their podcast and UCB performances Jess and Zach sometimes improvise four musicals a week. It’s almost like it’s no big deal to write a musical. Boom! Rodgers and Hammerstein ya been roasted!

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“Off Book has managed to make an entertaining, funny and musically impressive podcast that only gets better each time you listen….
This is the ONLY time that after listening to a podcast repeatedly I have wanted to hear the same excerpt again.”
CBC Radio

“Every entirely re-listenable song, and the way characters fold into each other’s narrative, is awe-inspiring and totally delightful.”
The AV Club

“Warning: Downloading Off Book may cause you to laugh
uncontrollably in a public space.”

“There are a very select number of people that can do what Jess McKenna and Zach Reino manage on a regular basis, coming up with a continuous stream of award-worthy improvised musicals in any number of styles.”

“Every episode of Off Book is an amazing feat of comedic and musical synchronicity — even the ads are must-listen.”