Friday, October 4

7:00 PM

  • Anish Mitra – New York, NY (Stand Up Comedy)
  • Security Clearance – Houston, TX / Los Angeles, CA (Long Form Improv)
  • Booby Trap – Houston, TX (Long Form Improv)
  • TVunscripted – Colorado Springs, CO (Long Form Improv)

8:30 PM

  • Can’t Tell Us Nothing – Houston, TX (Long Form Improv)
  • Hot Hot Pickle – Los Angeles, CA (Festival Headliner – Improv)

10:00 PM

  • Kisses & Fists – San Antonio, TX (Long Form Improv)
  • The Prowl – Houston, TX (Long Form Improv)
  • Coach Rookard Teaches Improv – Austin, TX (Short Form Improv)
  • Pendulum Presents – Austin, TX (Sketch Comedy)

About the Performers

Anish Mitra
Stand Up Comedy; New York, NY
Anish K. Mitra is an Indian-American stand-up comedian from New York City. He spent a lot of time in his teen years working hard in school and now as an adult, he wonders why. Anish tells stories about his overprotective brown mother, growing up in NY with (horrible) roommates and hoping he’ll, one day, live up to his potential.

Security Clearance
Long Form Improv; Station Theater – Houston, TX & Los Angeles, CA
This is comedy for your eyes only! Three improvisers turn everyday situations into huge belly laughs. Cast: Charlie Becker, Amechi Ngwe, Jake Reiner

Long Form Improv; Station Theater – Houston, TX
It starts with a suggestion that inspires real-life stories from the women of Boobytrap. What follows is a whimsical, irreverent Harold. Watch out, or you’ll get caught in a Boobytrap. Who knows, maybe you won’t want to escape. Cast: Erica Escalante, Tamara Warton, Contessa Ola, Katy Manning, Liz Larson, Sarah Jane Willett, Kelly Juneau

Long Form Improv; Colorado Springs, CO
Audience members will vote on their favorite audience-submitted title before seasoned comedians Ryder Tam and Gabe Valdez of TVunscripted kick off a full-length, completely unscripted play. Complex characters, relationships, plots and plans will be created before your eyes. Watch them explore themes like revenge, romance, fate and honor as they discover with the audience just where this play is going. Cast: Ryder Tam, Gabe Valdez

Can’t Tell Us Nothing
Long Form Improv; Station Theater – Houston, TX
Can’t Tell Us Nothing has opinions and you’re gonna hear them! Follow our characters down rabbit holes in our fast-paced improv shows. Our genius can’t be defined or contained. And just when you think you’ve seen our best…Hold Up!….We’ll create something even better. Cast: Tandiwe Kone, Jon Myles, Amechi Ngwe, Antoine W.B.

Hot Hot Pickle
Long Form Improv; Los Angeles, CA
Hot Hot Pickle is an improv team based out of the Upright Citizens Brigade Los Angeles Theatre. HHP had a long running sketch show at UCB and won the UCB Improv Cagemtach, because everyone loves competition comedy. Members have written and performed for Comedy Central, HBO, Adult Swim, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, FX, TBS, the CW, Pop TV, Funny or Die & UCB Comedy. Cast: Rene Gube (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Brooklyn Nine-Nine); Nick Mandernach (I Feel Bad, Young Sheldon); Casey Feigh (What We Do In The Shadows, The Middle); Jacob Womack (Funny Or Die series Like & Subscribe, Key & Peele)

Kisses & Fists
Long Form Improv; San Antonio, TX
This all girl group isn’t afraid to get physical and loud. This is a high energy group that will take you on a ride of emotions. Quick ideas and fun call-backs are what this group is about. Cast: Channing Winchell, Crystal Jackson, Lindsey Nave, Lynn Thomas, and Cristal Hernandez

The Prowl
Long Form Improv; Station Theater – Houston, TX
No one escapes The Prowl… Watch out for this troupe of 5 that hunts for hilarious scenes before your very eyes… Cast: Jon Myles, Cole Triplett, Keith Huang, Roger Anderson Rachel Spector

Coach Rookard Teaches Improv
Short Form Improv; Austin, TX
It’s graduation night for the Grapevine High School improv comedy class! There’s just one small problem: the drama teacher fell sick at the last minute. Luckily the high school wrestling coach, Ted Rookard, has volunteered to direct the show. He’s got a sports-minded attitude and a brand-new copy of “Improv for Dummies.” What could go wrong? Cast: Kevin Miller, Ensemble

Pendulum Presents
Sketch Comedy; ColdTowne Theater – Austin, TX
Pendulum has emerged from their terrible slumber and is now terrorizing the countryside with their dark visions in the form of very good sketch comedy. Their show is hilarious (voted ColdTowne Theater’s Best Sketch Group for the past 3 years and counting), dark (most shows have at least one ghost in them), and boundary pushing (they once did a Halloween show in March…incredible). Please come give them the attention they crave, or they will wither and die. Thank you. Cast: Dylan Garsee, Emma Holder, Minda Wei, Nicole Russell, Brian May, Griffin May, Kyle Romero, Steven Smith

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