Friday, October 20

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7:00 PM

  • Now Playing (Improv) – Houston, TX
  • MicroSatan (Sketch) – Houston, TX
  • Disco Eyes (Improv) – Houston, TX / Seattle, WA
  • Can’t Tell Us Nothing (Improv) – Houston, TX

9:00 PM

  • Discharged (Improv) – Houston, TX
  • MAX (Improv) – Houston, TX
  • Denver (Improv) – Chicago, IL
  • Supernova – Improv inspired by the stories of special guest Jake Reiner of KPRC-2 – Houston, TX

11:00 PM: Josh & Steph’s Blanket Fort Standup Party featuring

  • Bret Whitacre (Stand-Up) – Houston, TX
  • Anna Sankaran (Stand-Up) – Houston, TX
  • Shane Clark (Stand-Up) – Vancouver, BC
  • Ed Black (Stand-Up) – New Orleans, LA
  • Chris Thayer (Stand-Up) – Los Angeles, CA

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Detailed Descriptions


7:00 PM

Now Playing – Houston, TX
Format: Improv – Longform
Now Playing grew out of a former house troupe that performed improv inspired by some of the greatest movie directors. Now, the cast act as their own directors, improvising the greatest films you’ve never seen! Watch as the magic unfolds before your eyes! Cast: Jason McElweenie, Mark Bennett, Ryan Terry, Steven M. Saltsman, Brian Kondrach, Rachel Spector, Chuck Stanfield

microMicroSatan – Houston, TX

Format: Sketch Comedy
MicroSatan is a comedic art collective based in Houston, TX. Working primarily in sketch comedy, MicroSatan uses videos, music, zines, and whatever other mediums they can find to expose the lighter side of the darker side. Cast: Antoine Culbreath, Austin Havican, Billy Trim, Conner Clifton, John Wayne Communale, Kris Jett, Josh Brokaw, Ned Gayle, Nick Meriwether, Ruth Hirsch

disco-eyes Disco Eyes – Houston, TX / Seattle, WA
Format: Improv – Longform
Two best friends, torn apart, finally reunite in spectacular fashion. Watch the Two Eyes of Disco, Chism and Tanner, as they delve into their collective psyche and extract the seeds of their friendship. Then watch as they plant those friendship seeds and climb the giant Brotherhood Redwoods that grow from them. Cast: Tanner Bench, Chism Cornelison

ctunCan’t Tell Us Nothing – Houston, TX
Format: Improv – Longform
Improv inspired by Kanye West, which means we have opinions and you’re gonna hear them! Follow our characters down rabbit holes in our fast-paced shows. Cast: Tandiwe Kone, Antoine W.B., Jon Myles, Amechi Ngwe


9:00 PM

dischargedDischarged – Houston, TX
Format: Improv – Longform
After performing together since 2013, it’s safe to say these four have “seen some things.” In Discharged, these four poke their heads out of the filthy trenches to bravely charge into battle – armed only with a keen sense of character, a form based on The Slacker and real guns. **Because Texas. Also, just kidding about the guns. Cast: Angela Mayans Lee, Jessica Thompson Falla, Monica Marcha, Ruth Hirsch

maxMAX – Houston, TX
Format: Improv – Longform
MAX is BETA’s House Improv Troupe. Founded in 2013, MAX has the longest running weekly improv show in Houston, creating socially aware, smart and fun comedy! Cast: Billy Trim, Kelly Juneau, Antoine Culbreath, Traci Thiebaud, Hoja Lopez

denverDenver – Chicago, IL
Format: Improv – Longform
Denver performs iO’s signature form, the Harold, creating dramatic scenes, games and songs as part of a three-act play made up entirely on the spot. Debuting as an iO house team in 2013, they have gone on to perform in the Chicago Improv Festival, LA Improv Festival, Miami Improv Festival and the Del Close Marathon. “This is what a well-oiled improv team looks like.” -Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune. Cast: Sean Cooley, Cat McDonnell, Derek Cox, Julia Heynen, Collin Dahlgren, Rosie Moan, Becca Slack, Megan Brennan, Matt Kappmeyer

supernovaSupernova – Houston, TX
Format: Improv – Longform
The Supernova is Station Theater’s signature improv form in which stories and discussion are molded and reshaped into original improvised content. This show will feature stories of KPRC-2’s Jake Reiner. Cast: Jim Meyers, Monica Marcha, Jason McElweenie, Jon Myles, Nicole Nodarse, Angela Mayans, Roger Anderson

jake-reinerJake Reiner is a graduate of Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications with a degree in broadcast journalism. In 2013, he began his career in television as a multimedia journalist/weekend anchor at KION-TV in Salinas, California. Jake is originally from Los Angeles and is a die-hard Dodgers and Lakers fan. Fun fact: He’s seen a Major League Baseball game in every ballpark across the country, including Toronto.


11:00 PM

Josh & Steph’s Blanket Fort Stand-Up Party

14643057_10154613171439595_1714457471_nFor our 11:00pm show, Josh Rollins & Stephanie Fisher will transform Station Theater into a giant blanket fort for the most fun standup show you have ever seen!

Be part of the fun and give back to the community! Donate a blanket for the show and get a free ticket for a regular weekly show at Station Theater (not valid for Trill Comedy Festival tickets). After the show, donated blankets will be cleaned and delivered to a local homeless shelter.  

bretBret Whitacre – Houston, TX
Format: Stand-Up Comedy
Bret Whitacre has really come into his own as a comedian, fine tuning his comedic voice into a …unique fun-time kind of voice. Performing Stand-up all over Houston, Bret often inspires the quote “I don’t know what the hell that was, But I think it was awesome”. Sit back in awe or come along for the ride into the world of Bret Whitacre.

annaAnna Sankaran (Stand-Up) – Houston, TX
Format: Stand-Up Comedy
Comedy monologues from the legally dark. This fierce lady leads a dual life as a commercial litigator by day and standup comic by night!

shaneShane Clark (Stand-Up) – Vancouver, BC
Format: Stand-Up Comedy
This is witty, acerbic stand-up comedy that will make you think and laugh at the same time. It successfully bridges the line between edgy and likeable and settles right in the middle, while keeping it instantly relatable.

edEd Black (Stand-Up) – New Orleans, LA
Format: Stand-Up Comedy
Causing riots and starting pandemonium, Ed Black is known for putting on a fun and witty show. Combining his goofy and spontaneous personality with crowd interactions he leaves everyone in tears.

chris-tChris Thayer (Stand-Up) – Los Angeles, CA
Format: Stand-Up Comedy
Chris Thayer is a stand-up comic who has appeared on Comedy Central’s Adam DeVine’s House Party, VICELAND’s Flophouse, and TBS’ The Pete Holmes Show. He has also been featured as a guest on number of great podcasts, including You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, 2 Dope Queens, Terrified, The CrabFeast, & Put Your Hands Together. He currently splits his time between living in Los Angeles and living inside his head.

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