Past Performers


White Women Improv (Los Angeles, CA)
Vanessa Gonzalez (Los Angeles, CA)

Additional performers to be announced.


Off Book: The Improvised Musical
– with Zach Reino & Jessica McKenna (Los Angeles, CA)

2H Club, Andy Huggins, Baby Knuckle, Big Shed, Can’t Tell Us Nothing, Corner Office, Damaged Goods, Discharged, Effin’ Rager, Eli Lutsky, Feldman, Improv! The Musical, Improvised Hip Hop, Jeffrey Anderson, Krystal Moore, Ky Krebs, Mamamouchi, Mary Berry’s Merry Berry, Missed Opportunity, Murder Clown, Ophelia’s Rope, Powder Keg, Pure Inamimation, Supernova, The 80s Kids, The Prowl, The Space Rhyme Continuum, The Toast, Trek Wars, Tyler Groce, Virginia’s Harem, Wonder Woman Underoos


F*ckable Improv (Los Angeles, CA)
Vik Pandya (Chicago, IL)

Anna Sankaran, Baby Knuckle, Big Shed, Black Market Lullaby, Bret Whitacre, Can’t Tell Us Nothing, Career Offenders, Carson Tuttle, Chalk Dust, Chism and Cole Try to Make it Big!, Christine Ferrera, Chuck + Jess, Corner Office, Discharged , Empty Promises, Feldman, Fuckable, Hip Hop Harold, Jackson Fisher, Jonestroch, Josh Otusanya, Kismet, Ky Krebs, Like-Minded People, Mother Teresa’s Drunk Advice, Ophelia’s Rope, Pendulum Presents, Pure Inanimation, Really But Not Really, Salad With The Boys, Silverbacks, Supernova, The Good Enoughs, The Grownups, The Space Rhyme Continuum, Trek Wars, Vik Pandya, Wonder Woman Underoos, ¡ZARZAMORA!


Michelle Wolf (New York, NY)
3Peat Improv (Chicago, IL)

2H Club, A Spike Lee Joint, Andy Huggins, Anna Sankaran, Baby Knuckle, Be Kind to Strangers, Bret Whitacre, Butter, Can’t Tell Us Nothing, Chris Thayer, Denver, Discharged, Disco Eyes, Ed Black, Feldman, Josh & Steph’s Blanket Fort Party, Kismet, Let’s Eat, Like-Minded People, Magical Lying Hour, MAX, Meniscus Unit, MicroSatan, No More Words, Now Playing, Old Enough to Know Better, Ophelia’s Rope, Pure Inanimation, Shane Clark, Son Tran, Space Rhyme Continuum, Squash Banana, Supernova, The Adventures of Lenny and Al, The Sleepover Boys, The Stacks, Vik Pandya, Zaeli Kane


Chris Gethard (New York, NY)
Here. The Improvised Musical
– with Tara DeFrancisco & Rance Rizzutto (Chicago, IL)

Baby Knuckle, Bret Whitacre, Bunz, Business of Otters, Butter, Can’t Tell Us Nothing, Comedy Hypnosis with Rance Rizzutto, deFrancisCO, Empty Promises, Flirt Reynolds, Freudian Slip, Hairbrain, History Under the Influence, Impro Español, Jeremy Schmidt, Joey Thibodeaux, Katy Evans, Like-Minded People, Matt’s on Stage, MAX, Mildly Popular, Ned Kelly, No More Words, Ophelia’s Rope, Sleepover Boys, Squash Banana, Tanya Nascimento, That Racket!, The 9s, The Letters, The Mockumentalists, Unwilling Voyeur, Warren Wright, ¡Zarzamora!

SECOND ANNUAL: MAY 22-24, 2014

Justin Williams (New York, NY)

Alpha Bloodbath, Baby Knuckle, Be Kind to Strangers, Bob Morrissey, Brenda Valdivia, Bret Whitacre, Choke, Chris Oddo, Christina Parrish, Coleman, Day Girlfriend, Doctor Cop, Handbomb, Heroes of Milkton, iScream Sandwich, Jermaine Warren, John Buseman, John Nguyen Show, Justin Williams, Kelly Juneau, Kentoine, Ku Eugenti, Lunch Pail, Matt and Alejandro’s One Man Show, Meal of Sides, Medial Phonies, Mockumentalists, Ned & Kelly, Oakwood Glen, Padded Cell, Pass the Mic, Penumbra, PHarm Team, Phortasics, Sorry Mom, Space Mutt, Standards, Stephen Linings Kingbook, Structure: Monoscene, The Special Features, This Infinite Closet, Tim Mathis, Ty Mahany, Vaudeprov, Warren Wright, Watson & Watson, What the F@#$!, ¡ZARZAMORA!

FIRST ANNUAL: MAY 23-25, 2013

Parallelogramophonograph (Austin, TX)

100% Agave, Adrian and Adrien, Alpha Bloodbath, Andrew Polk, Andy Huggins, Be Kind to Strangers, Blink, Bob Morrissey, Brendan K. O’Grady, Brian Zeolla, Brows, Chris Trew, CJ Hunt, Cyrus Cooper, Duncan Carson, Dusti Rhodes, Glaundor, Grace Ray, Happy Human Hour Podcast with Stephanie Fisher, Heroes of Milkton, Hustletown Chopped and Screwed, Ideal Boy, Jaffer Khan, Jay Whitecotton, Jermaine Warren, Jousting Bieber, Justin Blandford, K is for Kelly, Leon Blanda, Lisa and Amy, Lisa Friedrich, Matt Han, Matthew Broussard, Nick Meriwether, Ophelia’s Rope, Owen Dunn, Personal Robot 3000, Phortasics, Ramin Nazer, Rich Williams, Rogue Improv, Ryder Paramore, Spontaneous Combustion, Stupid Time Machine, Supernova Armando, The Honeymoon, The Principal, The Whiskey Brothers Podcast, This Infinite Closet, Vaudprov, Waterpark Improvised Musical, Wes Corwin